Matriculate  verb  ma·tric·u·late  \ mə-ˈtri-kyə-ˌlāt \

1. to be enrolled at a college or university.

2. to admit (a student) to a college or university.

3. to be registered or added to a list; to be selected or recorded.


Late 16th century: from medieval Latin matriculat- ‘enrolled,’ from the verb matriculare, from late Latin matricula ‘register,’ diminutive of Latin matrixMatricula, a Latin noun meaning a register, has several usages in antiquity, including registries of military personnel, clergy, and valuable supplies or goods.  

It carries the sense of being judged worthy or valuable and thus added to a list of assets or a list of people who have met certain criteria.

The Matriculadies, LLC offers a comprehensive writing practice focusing on personal statement, essay, and business case development for competitive or selective processes, such as:

•    Higher education admissions, including high school, college, and graduate school

•    Scholarships, fellowships, and honors program admissions

•    Resume development

•    Corporate and professional awards such as Inc. 500, “America’s Best” lists and “40 under 40” lists

•    Nonprofit grant writing

•    For profit business plan and business case development

•    Personal social media profiles, press releases, magazine articles, and book editing



Rebecca Wilson Stein, M.A.

Mrs. Stein is the Founder of the Matriculadies.

A skilled writer and editor, Mrs. Stein has a professional background in fundraising, consulting and market research. She has worked in private equity, advertising and digital marketing, brand strategy, and global high-tech and telecommunications strategy. She also had a “second career” as a teacher at a private, Episcopal day school, where she was a religion teacher and Dean of Students.

She is a passionate community volunteer in the areas of positive development of women and girls, health care, work readiness, and the arts. She is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Grand Rapids, a founder of the Grand Rapids Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. and serves on several non-profit boards. She is a two-term member of the Alumni Board of the University of Chicago, the highest volunteer position at the University. She is involved with the University in a number of other capacities, including serving on the Advisory Board of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (the world's foremost research center on the Ancient Near East), interviewing prospective students with the Alumni Schools Committee, fundraising for her class Reunion Committees, and working directly with the office of Career and Placement Services to hire Metcalf Scholars. Finally, she also serves as a member of the Alumni Schools Committee (interviewing prospective students) for Harvard College.

She has read, literally, thousands of college application essays and resumes in the last 25 years.

She holds an A.B. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago and a M.A. in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.