"My daughter has gotten accepted with scholarship awards to: Ferris State University, Albion College, Western Michigan University, and Wayne State University. Thanks for all your help with these essays. As a parent, you helped make application season a lot less stressful! Blessings & Deepest Gratitude." - Heather M., Kalamazoo, MI

"The Matriculadies' feedback and direction not only helped my son write a better paper this time, but – as he pointed out – he will remember and refer to their commentary going forward. This individualized experience has resulted in a greater awareness of what it requires to take your writing to the next level." - Jill C., Holland, MI

"Have a senior struggling to finish (or start) the Common App? How about those essays? Back in August, just before soccer and school started, our son went to three day Common App Camp. I didn't talk much about him going before hand, because I had no idea if it would be any good. And it's tough to know which form of help, if any is worth the money. During the camp, they got the "campers" set up and working on the common app and worked with them on writing essays. I came home one day to find my son working on his list of essay ideas, just thoughts on a google doc and off to the right of the doc was a steady stream of questions, suggestions, thoughts on what looked promising, etc. from both of the coaches. As the week progressed, so did his essay. By the end of camp he was 99% done with the Common App and the essay. Plus he has a good working knowledge of the essay writing process he can use to write the essays for the schools that don't use Common App. And the coaches have committed to help him finish the 1% that isn't done. During the camp, I mentioned to a friend that I thought it was really worth it and she said she already knew it was because my son had lit a fire under her son passing on some of the stuff he was learning. When you have a teenager, giving up the last week of freedom to sit, essentially in school and they are excited about it...you know it was worth your money. Trust me when I say it is so nice to not have the weight of the app and essays hanging over his head, so he can focus on school and soccer. If your senior is stressed about the apps and essays, I highly recommend contacting The Matriculadies to see how they can help." -- Heather R., Caledonia, Michigan.

“Happy Holidays! You helped my daughter...Remember? Maybe not, you must work with a lot of kids. She got into every school she applied to, including her reach school! I have to believe her essay helped tip the scale in her favor! Thanks again for all of your help. I have another daughter who will be starting the process in a year or so! We will be sure to contact you!” - Rebecca P., Andover, MA

“Good morning! Just realized I never gave you an update on our son. He got into the four schools he applied to. All gave him $20-30k academic scholarships. He is one of 15 students who has been invited to compete for one of the full ride scholarships at his first choice school. They offer four per year. That begins in mid-January.” - Jill C., Holland, MI

"The Matriculadies took my 25 years of varied professional experience and crafted a cohesive resume that enabled me to apply with confidence for positions I had not previously considered." - Molly R., Grand Rapids, MI

"Rebecca is an excellent writer and her instincts about what will set your child a part during the admissions process are spot on." - Kelly L., Holland, MI

"My daughter took the “Common App Boot Camp”. She gained confidence in her essay writing ability and got a jump start on the long process of college applications. Best thing we did for her! Highly recommend!" - Tamara C., Grand Rapids, MI

"Rebecca is world class. I’ve spent the better part of thirty years on either side of the college admissions game. She is as alert and reflective as they come, and equally effective." - Evans L., Boston, MA

"Rebecca is a rare mix of insight, keen intellect and pragmatism. She has a deep understanding of how higher education works and knows how to navigate the ever-evolving admissions process. Rebecca is a mother of four and knows how to connect with kids in a meaningful way. She truly is at the top of her game-there's no one I would trust more!" - Alicia T., Wellesley, MA

"Amazing and productive week with The Matriculadies!! Made writing my essay so much easier and much more fun." - Katherine C., Grand Rapids, MI

"Such a smart, efficient and helpful program! The Matriculadies ran a great camp and helped me produce a wonderful essay in 4 short days. Such a weight off my shoulders as senior year begins!" - Colleen J., Grand Rapids, MI

"Rebecca is the ideal person to usher families and students through the complexities of the college admissions process. She has the experience and skills to provide direction and focus efforts where they are most fruitful. When my sons begin applying to universities Rebecca will be the first person I turn to for help." - Jenie D., San Diego, CA

"The Matriculadies turned my hodgepodge collection of experiences into an elegant and precise resume, and in the process my doubt about undertaking a job search has been transplanted by hope. Thank you Matriculadies!" - Melissa D., Chicago, IL