Educational Consultants

Your clients' success is your success.

As an educational consultant, your clients look to you to provide expertise in every step of the process of identifying and securing admission to an educational institution - sometimes very far from home. Their hopes and dreams - and those of their families - are in your hands. 

If you are an international agent, the process requires you to have many disparate areas of expertise: language preparation, test preparation, school selection, visa and immigration documentation, travel arrangements...the list goes on and on. The process is time consuming and we know you want to serve each of your clients to the best of your ability. 

Essays are just one part of a multi-part application that includes transcripts and transcript verification, letters of recommendation, and financial aid or financial certification. In addition, international consultants guide families through visa preparation and financial certification. We know from experience that one essay alone can take dozens of hours - which can either severely limit the number of clients you can take on or how well you serve them. 

Your business relies heavily on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. When your clients are able to gain admission to more selective colleges and universities, your agency's reputation grows.

Did you know a US admissions officer reads an admission file for an average of only six minutes? Did you know that some schools also use essays to determine merit aid for incoming students? The essay has never been more important for your clients.

They have a very short time to grab their reader's attention, and may be disadvantaged by different schooling, different communication styles, and different cultural norms. 

Do you want to offer your clients a best in class solution?

The essay development, writing and editing process is high-touch. Advising for it requires a both a knowledge of what US admissions officers are looking for, as well as a love of writing itself. 

Helping students develop, write and edit their essays can be time-consuming and exhausting for your counselors, who may or may not have the experience to know what qualifies as a "good essay" in this very critical situation. 

The Matriculadies are here to help. 


Who We Are:
The Matriculadies are all US college-educated professional writers and writing teachers. Most of our specialists have Master's degrees. Many are retired or semi-retired humanities (English, History, Languages) teachers at socioeconomically affluent or elite American secondary schools. Some even have admissions or student counseling experience at US universities.

We teach your clients to write essays the way the best US students are learning to write essays. Our aim is that your clients' essays will be comparable to the most competitive US applicants' essays.  

What We Do:
Using a combination of commercially available online collaboration tools, we connect directly with your student on either an individual basis or in a group setting. A consistent and reliable internet connection is required. 

Our process consists of helping clients understand the process and what is required, and guiding them as they utilize illuminating and engaging creativity tools. Our copyrighted thought starters, worksheets and exercises draw out your clients' best stories. Then, through four rounds of revision, we help your clients re-structure, articulate and refine their essays to best showcase their voice. A final polish and proofreading makes sure it is their best work. 

The result is compelling, attention-getting and stand-out. 

Contact us to discuss the ways we can help your clients produce stand-out essays, that will also grow your revenue and lead to more competitive admissions for your agency.