Domestic and International Students

Applying to college or graduate school can be confusing, especially for students applying to or attending schools far from home.

The American way of doing college and university admissions can be overwhelming and confusing for both domestic students and those from different cultures. Our emphasis on individual voice and the seemingly arbitrary criteria for success can exasperate both parents and students. 

There is a method to this madness and the Matriculadies are here to help. We can aid you in understanding the purpose of the different essays and the role they play in your admission, help you avoid common essay mistakes, and make sure your essays are polished, grammatically correct and culturally appropriate. 

You have prepared for years for this moment. By engaging the Matriculadies to guide your personal statement and supplemental essay development, you are putting a down payment on your dreams. 

Additionally, we offer retained, ongoing, semester-by-semester academic writing support, including concept development, editing and proofreading of papers and projects.

The Matriculadies have over 25 years of experience in helping students navigate this process, and have helped many international students find success in American admissions and education.

Please contact us for more information.